Monday, February 18, 2008

Natomas Area Commercial Real Estate Photolog

Just an absolute jaw dropping post "Natomas Area Commercial Real Estate Photolog" - you have to visit this site and see the photos for yourself. Interesting that in the comments lots of people have responded with things like "looks like where I live" from various states around the nation. This kind of hyper over development just smacks of greed and corruption. How could all this excess space get built? The sheer number of people not exercising common sense in this process (owners, banks, planners, local government, construction companies) is staggering in itself.

I mean - just how much shit were people in Sacramento supposed to buy? Check out this chart - and it is dated already. Do you think any of those countries would be horrible places to live?

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KarenS said...

Looks just like Toms River, NJ! Except we started with the strip mall eyesore in the 70's...and they're STILL being built!!